When we roam, seek and wander, our eyes widen and heart opens to incredible treasures that feed the soul.
— Urban Soul Living

Whether we journey great distances or turn inwards in silence, we get a glimpse of who we are or perhaps who we want to be. From there, the choices we make and how we shape our life around that truth, is what reveals us.

Born in Tanzania and raised in Perth Australia, Yoga Teacher Heidi Woschnak is the creative spirit behind ‘urban soul living’. Most at home with one foot on the streets of Perth and the other on the dusty streets of Tanzania as often as she can, Heidi fuels her on-going love affair with the country by collaborating with local Artisans to curate and produce a collection of vibrant and elegant wares for sale Down Under. 

The ‘urban soul’ story began in 2002 as a small yoga studio in Sydney’s beautiful Double Bay. Vogue said “it was destination inner peace”.

Today ‘urban soul living’ has grown into a way of life, and why the Manifesto was written as a gentle reminder for exactly that.

Looking forward to September 2017, Heidi will host her first Soul Safari to Tanzania with a group of women who dare let their soles touch the ground with her over there.